Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Great Escape

One of my two mice, Harlequin, is the mouse equivalent of Houdini. She escaped from her cage and for many days we couldn't find her until we heard her crinkling under a plastic bag. We lifted the bag and a white-and-gold streak shot into the closet. We took everything out of the closet but she was gone. Then, my little sister Greta saw Harlequin shoot under the treadmill. My mom lifted up the part that you walk on but Harlequin went into the gear box. Mom lifted up the cover, and there she was. But Harlequin put up a fight. Then she seemed to disappear. Greta was appointed guard while mom and I searched the closet and everything was piled on the bed. Then, Harlequin appeared in the gear box. She shot into the closet which we had just cleared. I lunged for her but she jumped a foot in the air. I grabbed her and after that I paraded through the house with the small golden mouse in my hand. Little Houdini still escapes. Once she was even found munching on pasta. But now, as I write this post, she is snuggled up with Velvet, the other mouse, in her cage.

Welcome to The World According to Spox

Welcome to The World According to Spox. In this blog, I will post about stuff that I do. You are probably wondering, "What is Spox?". Spox is a dragon. She is also my alter ego. I hope you like this blog.